Multi-Purpose Robot

15 Jun, 2011 09:13 am

Multi-Purpose Robot

Ramtaps continues commitment to automation.

Ramtaps is proud to still be manufacturing in Australia after 72 years. Following on from our recent purchase of a Mazak 4 Axis Machining Centre and investing in ongoing machinery upgrades such as the newly commissioned Multi-Purpose Robot, is a way of ensuring we can continue to do so. This Multi-Purpose Robot is an incredibly versatile machine which Ramtaps use for a variety of operations within the Multiplex CNC Machining Cell. The most critical role the robot plays is in the production of Single Lever Mixer Core Bodies, these bodies are made from solid brass and are a core component in all single-lever mixers. The Multi-Purpose Robot and Mazak Multiplex CNC machine are designed to run un-manned for extended periods of time. It's upgrading existing machines like the Mazak Multiplex CNC, with newer equipment such as the Multi-Purpose Robot that will allow Ramtaps to continue manufacturing in Australia.

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